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2015 marked the return of the legendary Shelby GT350 based on the the S550 platform yet sporting numerous upgrades including magnetic ride control and a high revving flat plane crank V8. Using the drop downs below, you can select your GT350’s year, color, stripe package, and wheel. Your GT350 will be printed on a heavy duty three foot by five foot vinyl banner with grommets to make hanging it up in your garage that much easier. Thanks to permission from Rovos Wheels, you can select to add one of their 20″ Durbans or Pretorias in a variety of colors to give your GT350 a custom touch.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 37 in

2015, 2016


Avalanche Grey, Avalanche Grey – Black Stripes, Avalanche Grey – Blue Stripes, Avalanche Grey – White Stripes, Black, Black – Blue Stripes, Black – White Stripes, Competition Orange, Competition Orange – Black Stripes, Competition Orange – White Stripes, Deep Impact Blue, Deep Impact Blue – Black Stripes, Deep Impact Blue – White Stripes, Grabber Blue (2016+), Grabber Blue (2016+) – Black Stripes, Grabber Blue (2016+) – White Stripes, Guard, Ingot Silver, Lightning Blue (2016+), Lightning Blue (2016+) – Black Stripes, Lightning Blue (2016+) – White Stripes, Magnetic, Magnetic – Black Stripes, Magnetic – Blue Stripes, Magnetic – White Stripes, Oxford White, Oxford White – Black Stripes, Oxford White – Blue Stripes, Race Red, Race Red – Black Stripes, Race Red – Blue Stripes, Race Red – White Stripes, Ruby Red (2016+), Ruby Red (2016+) – Black Stripes, Ruby Red (2016+) – White Stripes, Triple Yellow, Triple Yellow – Black Stripes, Triple Yellow – White Stripes

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