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Ram Street Dual Disc Force 10.5 Clutch (4.6L-5.4L 4v)



A dual disc clutch capable of handling between 400-900 ft/lb torque capacities – perfect for most blower or turbo setups on your Mustang. Fits 4.6L 4v & 5.4L 4v V8s with 8-bolt cranks.





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Quick Facts:

  • Up to 900 ft/lb capacity
  • 10.5″x1-1/8″ 26 Spline Clutch Discs
  • Included 8-Bolt Billet Aluminum Flywheel
  • 46 Pounds
  • 8-Spring Hub Assemblies for increased performance.
  • SFI Certified for Track Use

About Ram Street Force 10.5 Dual Disc Clutches

The Ram Force 10.5 Dual Disc system is the perfect entry level dual disc clutch system for street use. With a torque capacity up to 900 ft/lbs, this set up is ideal for handling most blower or turbo set-ups while delivering a slightly heavier than stock pedal feel. The Ram Street Force 10.5 Clutch kit features steel backed frictions discs with sprung hub assemblies, a strap driven floater plate, and a high clamp load pressure plate. Ram’s Street Force 10.5 Dual Disc Clutches come standard with their Billet Aluminum 8-Bolt Flywheel.

Ultimately, the Street Force 10.5 Dual Disc Clutch is designed to hold higher torque loads while being just a bit heavier than the smaller Street Force 9.5 Dual Disc system. Ram found that this higher inertia translated into better low-speed drivability in heavier vehicles.

A Little About the Clutch Discs

Ram’s Street Dual Disc units all feature their 300 series steel back friction discs which utilize a sprung hub top disc and a solid hub bottom disc arrangement. The sprung top disc features Ram’s Poly-coil Hub Assembly, consisting of eight urethane encapsulated damper springs to provide up to four times the shock load of conventional clutch springs. In addition to the increased shock load, this unique system reduces clutch chatter chatter on take-off and insures a long service life.

Three Strap Floater Plate & High Clamp Pressure Plate

Ram utilizes a three strap floater plate which is designed to eliminate floater plate rattle at idle, while the High Clamp Pressure Plate provides excellent holding power without excessive pedal pressure.

Billet Aluminum Flywheel

Ram’s Street Force 10.5 Dual Disc Clutch sets come standard with their Billet Aluminum 8-Bolt Flywheel. Ram manufactures their flywheels in house to their exacting standards for design, machining, and balance. Friction surfaces are precision ground for flatness, zero runout, and surface finish for friction material compatibility.

Will it Fit?

This system is designed to fit the following vehicles with 4.6L 4v and 5.4L 4v V8s:

  • 1996-1999; 2001; 2003-2004 Mustang SVT Cobra
  • 2003-2004 Mustang Mach 1
  • 2007-2012 Mustang Shelby GT500

Important Considerations:

The Ram Street Force 10.5 Dual Disc Clutch with Flywheel Kit will fit 1996-2012 Mustangs equipped with 4.6L 4v and 5.4L 4v V8s with 8-bolt crankshafts and 26 Spline input shafts.

What’s in the Box?

(1) High Clamp Pressure Plate

(2) 10.5″x1-1/8″ 26 Spline 300 Series Clutch Discs

(1) Floater plate

(1) Billet Aluminum Flywheel

Installation guide


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