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20×9/20×10.5 Satin Bronze Velgen VMB6



Deep concave wheels for 05-17 Mustangs in a unique Satin Bronze finish.

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About Velgen VMB6 Wheels

Similar to the VMB5, the Velgen VMB6 wheels feature a modern concave design with 6 pairs of spokes (12 total) and an inset lip giving them an aggressive, yet premium appearance perfect for a modern muscle car. The VMB6 is available in six sizes from 19″x9″ to 22″x10.5″ as well as four incredible finishes ensuring you’ll find the perfect staggered or square VMB6 setup for your car. When it comes to Mustangs, we love a staggered set of 20×9 front wheels and 20×10.5 rear wheels.

Velgen wheels are manufactured from 356.2 Aluminum Ingots which are melted down to form the wheels using low pressure casting. Low Pressure Casting is a method which utilizes positive pressure to quickly force molten aluminum into the wheel molds resulting in a stronger yet lighter weight wheel compared to traditional gravity cast wheels. Once cast, Velgen wheels are x-rayed for impurities, heat treated, CNC machined, powder coated, and tested several times along the way for balance, leaks, durability, and more to ensure you get a perfect wheel for your Mustang.


Velgen wheels are available in four stunning finishes, including: Matte Silver, Matte Gunmetal, Satin Bronze, and Satin Black. These finishes are applied through a powder coating process ensuring the wheels can withstand the abuse of daily life on the road. The wheels above feature Velgen’s Satin Bronze finish.



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