2010-2014 Mustang GT



Following its 2005 release, Ford revised and updated the S197 Mustang in 2010 with all new sheet metal, lighting, wheels, and more. Shortly after in 2011 Ford introduced the now legendary Coyote 5.0L DOHC V8 taking the Mustang’s performance to a new level, setting the benchmark for all pony cars to follow. The styling was once again revised for 2013 featuring a new power dome hood, front bumper, rear bumper, new lighting, and increased power to send the S197 out with a bang in 2014.

If you own or are simply a fan of the 2010-2014 GT, you can now get a custom illustrated 3 foot by 5 foot all-weather banner for your garage. Each banner features a detailed illustration of a Mustang GT in your choice of year and color. Thanks to permission from Rovos Wheels, you have the option to select from a choice of stock or Rovos wheels for your banner. Ghosted into the banner’s background you’ll find the stats listed for your selected model year along with a Mustang graphic.  Each banner is constructed from a heavy gauge vinyl and features six metal grommets, three on top and three on bottom, to make hanging your banner that much easier. Due to the materials and construction of the banner, you can feel safe hanging your banner in your garage with out fear of water grease or other substances damaging it.

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 37 in

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014


Black, Brilliant Silver (2010 Only), Deep Impact Blue (2013-14 Only), Gotta Have it Green (2013-14 Only), Grabber Blue (2010-14 Only), Ingot Silver (2011-14 Only), Kona Blue (2010-12 Only), Lava Red (2012 Only), Oxford White (2014 Only), Performance White (2010-13 Only), Race Red (2011-2014 Only), Red Candy (2010-13 Only), Ruby Red (2014 Only), Sterling Gray (10-11; 13-14 Only), Sunset Gold (2010 Only), Torch Red (2010 Only), Yellow Blaze (2011-12 Only)

Wheel Options

20" Gloss Black Rovos Durban, 20" Gloss Black Rovos Pretoria, 20" Gloss Black W/ Brushed Face Durban, 20" Gloss Black W/ Brushed Face Pretoria, 20" Gloss Silver Rovos Durban, 20" Satin Gunmetal Rovos Durban, 20" Satin Gunmetal Rovos Pretoria, 20" Satin Silver Rovos Pretoria, Stock


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