17×8.5 Black Rhino Riot Beadlock – Matte Black w/ Black Ring & Black Bolts



*Note: Off Road Use Only

*Note: Product images show 17×8.5 configuration

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About Black Rhino Beadlock Wheels

The Riot Beadlock Rotary ForgedĀ® Wheel is manufactured using a highly advanced production technique called Rotary Forging. The rim of the wheels is forged at high pressure while the wheel is spun at high speed. This alters the molecular structure and enhances the strength of the alloy. The benefit is a much lighter weight than a regular cast wheel. Most importantly, the weight saving is in the outer rim of the wheel which dramatically reduces rotational mass and enhances vehicle performance.

Black Rhino Beadlock wheels are manufactured from aluminum alloys and engineered for both stock and lifted trucks and load rated for demanding applications.


The Black Rhino Riot Beadlock is available in three finishes: Candy Red with Black Ring and Black Bolts, Matte Black with Black Bolts, and Matte Bronze with Black ring & Black Bolts.

PCD: 6×135

Bore: 87.1 MM

Load Rating: 3300 lbs

Weight: 28 lbs

Offset: 0 MM

Back Spacing: 4.800 in

Lugs: 6

Material: Aluminum

Finish: Matte Black w/ Black Ring & Black Bolts

(1) Wheels

(1) Center Caps


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